Trabucco Quick Bomb (Yellow) – int. 10cm / 5g-15g


  • Color code & body protection
  • CNC shock absorbing head
  • High density PU body
  • Polycarbonate stem
  • Running depth: 10 cm.

Designed for a slow but steady retrieve, swimming just below water’s edge. Perfect to tease the aggressivity of surface feeding trout. Ideal with hooklinks, even of thin diameter, 2 meters long and beyond.

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Bombardas characterized by a “sweet tippy” action, which maintain the almost horizontal swimming position during the retrieve but which, with slack line, fall towards the bait. This behavior allows you to quickly switch depths, inspecting multiple water layers during the same trip, or to make the bait run fast in the presence of aggressive trout. They are also ideal in situations where trout prefer to attack baits that fall to the bottom or rise to the surface, becoming perfect for a vertical zigzag retrieve. The colored head allows for an immediate recognition of the weight when the bombarda is rigged on the line.

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5g., 10g., 15g.


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