Trabucco Precision RPL Carp (12’0” / 5-20 g) Bombarda

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This rod is originally designed for match fishing, but is extremely good as a bombarda rod as well.

  • Length: 12’0” (360 cm)
  • Lure weight: 5-20 g
  • Action: Progressive
  • Weight: 222 g
  • Perfect for bombarda fishing

In stock

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Fishing Match rod in 2 sections with inserts to put over designed for lakes and canals with little depth for the surface fishing the pellet waggler with grammture up to 20 gr.

• Fishing match rod in 2 sections with grafts put over, with progressive action
• Perfect for use in channels or lakes with shallow depth, or for fishing in the surface of the pellet waggler with weights up to 20 g
• Structure in S. H. M. R. Carbon High-Strength
• Grafts are precise and reinforced with bands crossed (X Joint) that allow it to absorb and protect the same in the traction phase,
• Structural reinforcements on the grafts, and on the sections most subject to ovalizzazioni in the launch (Crossed Reinforced)
• Rings match S-SiC HD with frame and passing lightweight, ideal for a match rod
• Handle the split with the final part EVA molded


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