The UL complete set (Free box, braid & leader)

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  • Rapture Artiglio (6’6” / 0,3-4 g)

  • Trabucco Helium FA (size 1000)

  • UL Trout Kit

  • Trabucco Pro NT Braid (0.064 mm)

  • Trabucco XPS Fluorocarbon (0,185 mm)

In stock

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Rapture Artiglio (6’6” / 0,3-4 g)

Rod series with great versatility, which is perfect for Trout Area environment but knows how to deal through Ultralight style fishing with other predators, such as Perch and Chub.

  • 6’6” (198 cm)
  • Lure weight: 0,3-4 g
  • Power: X Ultra Light
  • Action: Regular Slow

Trabucco Helium FA

  • Extra light body and rotor made from CX carbon.
  • 10 Stainless steel sealed ball bearings, 1 SS roller bearing for one way rotation.
  • Stainless steel main shaft and pinion gear.
  • Front drag system with high strength fibre and SS disks.
  • Oversized aluminium Powerbail.
  • Titanium plated Anti-Twist line roller.
  • CNC Machined aluminium shallow spool with thin lip.
  • CNC MAchined aluminium handle arm, with CX carbon knob.
  • EVA bag to protect the reel, even when its fitted to the rod.

UL Trout Kit

7 x Mustad Slow Death hooks

7 x Tungsten beads (0,6 gram – 4,6 mm.)

3 x UL snaps with swivel

4 x The WORM – Black/Yellow

4 x The WORM – Black/White

4 x The WORM – Motoroil

4 x The WORM – Green Pumpkin

4 x The WORM – green/Yellow

4 x The WORM – Blue/Orange

4 x The WORM – Pink/White

4 x The WORM – Green/Pink

1 x Suitable Tacklebox

Trabucco Pro NT Braid

• Ultrafine braided line made from High Modulus PE through Nanotechnologies (Japan Technology)
• Specific for Ultralight Spinning and Area Trout
• PDMS coating to provide waterproofness, colour stability, protection and unprecedented durability
• Great softness and extreme sensitivity
• Smooth and silent flowing through rod’s guides, to achieve longer casting distances
• No memory and very high abrasion resistance
• Extreme linear and knot strength
• Colour: field green


Trabucco XPS Ultra Strong Fluorocarbon (50m)

XPS Ultra FC403 is made of 1 00% Ultra-High Density Fluorocarbon, reaching up to 40% higher knot strength. The innovative Triple Structure Process enables to fill the space between the molecules with resins, for an Incredible strength, fine diameters, no-water absorbing, slick and smooth surface, extremely soft and supple feeling and the highest abrasion. resistance. The refractive index is now lower than any other fluorocarbon, making XPS Ultra FC403 the only real invisible line underwater!


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