Shad 14 – Golden Molly UV


Lenght – 14 cm / 5.5 inch
Weight: 23 gram / 0.8 ounces

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Shad14 and Shad14 Twister (The curly tail version) are designed for the danish brackish water pike anglers. Those “hard to get” pikes often go for smaller baits, which build up a lot of requests from anglers in that area.

The brackish pikes in Denmark, mostly feed on smaller bait fish, so this 14cm (5.5inch) bait has proven to be the perfect size. Plus the size obviously makes it perfect, for a long range of other species too. So don’t hesitate!

Shad14 has caught loads of big, even very big, pikes in both brackish waters and fresh water lakes. The biggest pike reported in so far, is caught by angler Dennis BomBom and measured 114 cm (44.9 inch). Amazing!! That was during test fishing too.

Perch seems to like this bait too. We’ve seen very big perch caught on this bait.

This is, like all other High 5 Lures, designed so it can be fished weightless or weighted, and retrieved in all tempos without flipping over. You can retrieve steady, slow, fast or even super fast and the performance is perfect. You can jig it or rig it up for dropshot.

Due to the relatively small size of this bait, it’s a really good all round bait. We use it as a search bait when fishing new areas, and even when we’re out fishing for cod, this is a go-to bait for sure!


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Info: The price of this product varies depending on whether it is regular patterns or hand painted and coated.


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