Rapture Artiglio (6’6” / 0,3-4 g)

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Rod series with great versatility, which is perfect for Trout Area environment but knows how to deal through Ultralight style fishing with other predators, such as Perch and Chub.

  • 6’6” (198 cm)
  • Lure weight: 0,3-4 g
  • Power: X Ultra Light
  • Action: Regular Slow

In stock

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The CX-1 High Modulus carbon blank is really super slim, but gritty; an attitude that influenced the choice of the name to be assigned to this series. In the fifty centimeters upstream of the reel seat hides the secret of its reactivity, which is immediately revealed with the projection of the smallest lures at relevant distances. The particular shape of the high density front EVA grip offers an instinctive and secure hold for total control, both in casting and retrieving.


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