Helium / Edge Master set

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1 x Trabucco Helium FA 1500

1 x Rapture Edge Master (7’6” / 2-10 g)

This is a fantastic deluxe set, and our absolute favorit.
This is a very versatile combo, and recommend for many situations: light perch fishing, UL seatrout fishing from the coastline or boat, spoon fishing in the trout pond or light bombarda fishing.


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Trabucco Helium FA 1500

Special reel created with advanced materials and technologies, whose benefits can be immediately appreciated, already at the very first handle turns.
Born for ultra light spinning, it is exalted in the Area Trout field or in the Ultra Light Game, where it shows its precision and its extreme lightness. Body
and rotor are made from CX carbon for high sensitivity, and house as many as 10 stainless steel ball bearings, shielded on both faces to prevent the
aggression from water, salt and dust. Two of them assist the spool rotation for an exceptionally smooth start of the drag; one is the maxi one-way
stainless steel ball bearing. Main shaft and pinion gear are made from stainless steel; the micro-adjustable drag is extremely smooth, also perfect for
fishing with very thin monofilament or braided lines; the aluminum match spool has been machined from a single
block of metal, and has the top lip “V” shaped to considerably ease the line flow during casting. The handle
is made from ultralight aluminum and ends with a minimal knob, made of carbon. Available in the only size
1000 is supplied with a protective EVA bag which can also hug the rod, during transport. This model does not
have the anti reverse release system to develop an unexpected power.

Rapture Edge Master (7’6” / 2-10 g)

By observing and using it, it can be said that the Edge Master has exceeded any pre-existing limit, setting a new one through the emotions it is able to transmit while fishing. Tackling the Trout Area, hunting for Zander with soft baits on jig heads, tempting Perch in drop shot style or practicing Light Rock Fishing, will no longer be the same as before: the photos of the caught fish will be associated with fine moments of pleasure, which will leave a deep trace in the sensorial memory. Those spinning specialties have two key elements in common: the need for high sensitivity and the use of braided lines. For both requirements, the Edge Master has an high profile answer, with ultra-light carbon blanks of very high modulus that the CXC technology has made indifferent to the torsion to offer unparalleled precision and casting distance and with solid and tubular tip solutions.

  • Length: 7’6” (228 cm)
  • Lure weight: 2-10 g
  • Power: Light
  • Action: Fast
  • Perfect for dropshot fishing ang jigfishing for perch


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