Everything that goes out is made in “The shed”. It’s a small workshop that makes it possible for us to make our ideas come to life. We spend hours and hours in there, and we love it. Though it sometimes keeps us up all night.

The man behind High 5 Lures is Finn Sloth. He’s the lure builder that spends hours after hours in the workshop.

High 5 Lures was founded back in 2015 by Finn Sloth. He had been making lures for fun, but as he started to go more in to depth with the projects, things got more serious. He decided to focus on one lure only, and make that perfect before working on other models. That was when the Samson came to life. After that things got even more serious and more models were designed, and over time softbaits became the main product.

Finn is a very passionate angler, who spend as much time on the water as possible. It’s not always easy for him to find time between family, work and lure building, but when the time is right you will find him on the water. No doubt!

Many years of fishing and experience has been the inspiration to the designs the lures have. Every little detail is exactly the way he wants it, and the hours that as been put in to it is what catches the fish.